Wedding photo list template: Make sure you don’t miss anything

September 19, 2018

Essex wedding photographer Gregg Brown shares his advice for creating your own wedding photo list to make sure you don’t miss anything…

Booking a professional wedding photographer will guarantee every special moment of your big day is captured on camera. My style is journalistic, which means I move around the room taking candid, natural photographs without getting in the way of proceedings. But I always have a list of moments I am sure not to miss.

I also ask all my couples to give me a list of any individuals or groups of people they would like me to particularly focus on. If a couple would like some posed, group shots I also ask for a list of the people they would like in each photo.

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To give you an idea of the shots to expect from your wedding photographer, here are some of my suggestions:

Wedding Morning


Wedding dress hanging up

Bride’s shoes

Close ups of jewellery, engagement ring and accessories


Finishing touches to Bride’s hair and make up

Fastening the Bride’s dress

Final arrangements of the Bride’s dress

Bride putting on her shoes

Bride catching herself in a mirror

Bridesmaids’ and friends’ dresses

Bride enjoying a glass of Champagne

Bride with her bridesmaids, friends and family

Portraits of the Bride

Bride walking downstairs and/or to the car

Groom’s finishing touches, cufflinks, flower in button hole

Groom with his groomsmen and family

The Ceremony

Exterior shots of venue

Interiors of the venue including chair decorations

Groom arriving

Guests taking their seats

Groom with his best man

Groom with his family and friends

Close ups of decorations

Bride arriving, shots of the car

Bride with father

Bride walking down the aisle

Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Pageboys, Maid of Honour

Groom when he first sees Bride

Bride and Groom greeting each other

Bride and Groom holding hands


Family and friends in the aisles

Laughs, tears and clapping

Close up of order of service, hymn sheets


Exchanging vows

Best man with the rings

Close ups of rings as they are placed on Bride and Groom’s fingers

Wide view of all the guests

Singing of the register

Bride and Groom walking together

Confetti throwing

Family & Friends

Intimate portraits of Bride and Groom

Family and friends hugging the Bride and Groom

Candid shots of friends chatting

Natural pictures of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents

List of group shots requested by Bride and Groom

All wedding guests together

Fun ideas on the day, could include:

Youngest and oldest guest together

Bride being picked up by Groom

Bride and Groom with props

Pageboys and flower girls playing

The Reception

Photos of the venue and decorations

Close ups of wedding favours, place names, flowers

Cake from all angles

Guests taking their seats


Bride and Groom’s reactions to kind words

Emotional guests

Glasses in the air for the toast

Children hiding under the table


Throwing of the bouquet

Cutting of the cake

First dance

Guests joining Bride and Groom on the dancefloor

Bride and Groom dancing with their families

Close ups of the band

Guests mingling

Plates piled high at the buffet

Bride and Groom departing