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A day in the life of a wedding photographer: Behind the camera on your special day

wedding photographer gregg brown essexSharing a couple’s special day with them is a privilege that never gets old, and makes my work as a professional wedding photographer such a pleasure.

On the day I like to keep out of the way while documenting the laughs, tears, hugs and kisses without disturbing the flow of the celebrations.

But I wanted to give you an idea of the planning and preparations I carry out to ensure I deliver high quality pictures throughout your wedding day and evening celebrations.

The best pictures come naturally, which is why making sure you pick a wedding photographer you feel comfortable and relaxed with is so important.

Every wedding day is different, but here’s an idea of the emotional moments I am looking out for as I know they will make stunning pictures:


Getting ready

Some of the most precious moments with family and friends are often had while the bridal party are getting ready for the day. The girls getting pampered in their matching dressing gowns or groomsmen messing around as they put on their suits are lovely relaxing moments before the celebrations kick off. For me, this is the perfect chance to get some beautiful portraits of the bride and groom whether it be the blusher brush sweeping across the bride’s cheeks or best man helping the groom attach his cufflinks.


Here comes the bride

This is often the most moving moment of the whole day, as the groom turns to see his bride for the first time as she joins him for the service. As the guests file into the church or venue and take their seats I will be subtly photographing the groom as he waits with anticipation. Before the door opens I will switch position to ensure I am ready to capture the bride’s face as she walks in. Then I will turn to the guests to photograph them as they welcome the bride, looking out for a grandmother reaching for her handkerchief or page boy grinning at his parents in the aisles.



Nothing says wedding like confetti so if a couple has chosen to have a traditional shower of petals thrown over them as they leave the service I am always sure to get a series of pictures. Some venues have discouraged confetti in recent years, but now there is a huge range of biodegradable or real flower petals so you can have that memorable picture while protecting the planet.



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The speeches are one of the highlights of the day for me, and watching tons of grooms make theirs certainly helped me on my own wedding day! From a father’s loving speech about his daughter, to a naughty best man getting the groom into trouble to the couple thanking all their guests, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to getting a variety of pictures. Journalistic is the best way to describe my photography style and the wedding breakfast, speeches and drinks receptions are the parts of the day when being able to shoot candid pictures without disturbing the couple or their guests is key.


Private photo shoot

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Whisking the bride and groom off for a few minutes of alone time is another of my most enjoyable parts of the wedding. I love to photograph the couple as they reflect on the service and their day so far, while enjoying some quiet time together as a married couple for the first time. On a visit to the venue before the wedding day I will have found the perfect spot for relaxed, romantic photographs.


First dance

Some couples have planned a surprise dance routine while others gently sway from side to side so I am always prepared to think on my feet when photographing the first dance. Often I use lighting techniques to catch the sparkle of the disco ball or light up the dance floor. Whether a couple has picked a DJ, Rock and Roll singer or Jazz band once everyone has got to their feet there is plenty of opportunity for fun pictures. And I always stay a little bit longer than agreed to make sure I capture the atmosphere.

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