Bishop’s Stortford Wedding Photographer: Group photos advice

September 18, 2019

Gregg Brown is a wedding photographer based near Bishop’s Stortford. He has more than 10 years experience of producing beautiful images for happy couples. Journalistic is the best way to describe Gregg’s photography style. He shoots a range of reportage, contemporary and candid wedding photography to create the perfect images to tell the story of your big day.

Here, Bishop’s Stortford wedding photographer Gregg Brown explains the wedding group photos you need and how to simplify the process:

Photographs of a wedding help preserve precious memories of a day when family and friends gathered to celebrate the start of a new chapter in the lives of two people they love.

Candid shots, when a moment of chance gives a photographer a split second to capture a one-of-a-kind photo can make up a beautiful album along with group photos which give that overall picture of the wedding day.

Group photographs at weddings are no longer the stiff line-ups of years gone by. Trust your wedding photographer to use their creativity to record your special day.

Precious memories

Planning ahead will simplify the process of group photos on the day itself. You will know your guests better than anyone so will also know of any potential problems.

While a main focus should be on the happy couple, the photographer will also want to capture photos of who was there to share the wedding day. A variety of group photos is a great way to do this.

Regular conversations in the run up to the wedding with your photographer will mean they will know exactly what you want. Be clear about who should, or shouldn’t, be in each group photograph.

Group photos will include the people around a couple who are sharing their wedding day with them and who will help to make it one of life’s most important and memorable days.

They will be family, they will be old friends and new friends. People you have known forever, and those who have been in your lives for less time but are no less important to you.

They will have been looking forward to being part of your wedding day ever since they got their invitations. Being photographed with the newlyweds as part of a group photo will mean a lot to all of you.

How group photos are done can vary, depending on who you invite and in an ideal world everyone will get on so there won’t be any awkwardness.

But there may be situations, like new partners and ex partners at the same wedding. It’s important to make sure everyone is comfortable about being in photographs.

Ask the best man to help

One good idea would be to send out something with your invitations to say what group photos you’re likely to want. If there is an issue then don’t pressure anyone to be in a group photo.

It’s far more important that they are there, happy and relaxed with you than not being there at all. There is always the opportunity to have a photo of just them with you.

Write down the names of people for each photo and their relationship to the happy couple and appoint someone well ahead of the wedding day who will be happy to help your wedding photographer in rounding people up for these group photos.

This could be the best man or a chief bridesmaid, a family member or a responsible younger person. They should be familiar with the list so they can get everyone together quickly and easily. Pick someone who will know the majority of the guests there.

Plan your wedding pictures

Traditional group photos can feature a variety of people connected to the couple including both sets of parents, other family members, the bride’s guests, the groom’s guests, the bridesmaids, ushers, special friends, nieces, nephews and Godchildren.

But as already mentioned, long line-ups of people needn’t be the way your wedding day is portrayed in your treasured photo album.

Let your photographer have some fun with the group photos. An example could be if the bride has selected young children as bridesmaids and page boys then why not sit on the ground and let the children sit on the dress instead of standing to attention either side of her.

A bridegroom and his best mates needn’t be lined up either so how about a group hug? 

However they are taken, group photos will be a perfect addition to any photo album and will act as a record of your family and friends on your wedding day.

Changes in family dynamics could well see step parents and children in group photos so this part of the day is totally unique to those who have married.

Trust your wedding photographer

The most important thing is that people are comfortable. Happy and relaxed faces make great photos and memories of your day.

The best way to iron out any potential problems is communication. Talk to people and ask if they are OK with being in photos with certain other people. An example could be divorced parents who have remarried.

Once the various groups have been photographed, a whole group photo is a fun way to end.

Depending on how many guests you have this can be done in a number of ways. It may mean the photographer getting up high to take a shot looking down on all of you. Bear this in mind when looking at venues and make sure there’s a spot where this can be done.

Just remember, people are at your wedding because they want to see you happy and to play their part in your special day. Being in a group photo with you will be very important to them. The photo will be something they will look back on with enormous pride and happiness in years to come.

Bishop’s Stortford Wedding Photographer

Gregg Brown photographs weddings in Bishop’s Stortford and across Essex and Hertfordshire. He also covers East Anglia and the South East, and will also travel further afield on request. He will arrange a free consultation with you so you can discuss a tailor-made photography package. Gregg will also show you a range of wedding albums in addition to frames and prints.