Braintree Wedding Photographer: first dance song ideas

November 1, 2019

Braintree wedding photographer Gregg Brown shoots weddings across Essex. In this blog, Gregg draws on his happy memories of sharing his couples’ big days and their first dances.

Ideas for the perfect first dance a married couple share at their wedding reception are varied. Your choice is not restricted to the realms of romantic, slow songs.

It’s a pivotal moment in any wedding day, when two people in love take to the floor in front of their family and friends and dance to a song that means everything.

But which song do you choose for your first dance together? Which songs don’t you choose?

It should always be about your personal choice, a song that means so much to both of you.

It might be the song you heard during the proposal, the first one you danced to when you started dating, or one you both loved even before you met.

Think of a favourite movie theme, a nostalgic school disco song from way back. Or go for one you have only just heard but have fallen in love with.

Fast or slow song?

A romantic piece of classical music, maybe a Strauss waltz or something dreamlike from Tchaikovsky or Mozart, can also work beautifully. Coupled with soft lighting, maybe even candlelight, will create a truly memorable atmosphere for that special first dance. 

Or if it’s intensity you’re after, who says you can’t have an emotional, highly-charged, guitar-filled power ballad belting out as you dance your first dance?

Obviously, songs about broken hearts and losing love aren’t really appropriate as you start your married life together. 

Upbeat, faster tunes add a real fun element to the reception and will have everyone joining in and singing.

It’s a great way to kick off the celebrations and should get everyone joining you on the dance floor. After all, a wedding day is about having family and friends around you to celebrate and dance.

You may have a particular theme for your wedding, so why not tailor your first dance to that theme?

For example, if it’s a vintage theme full of 1940s or 1950s glamour then think jazz, swing or early rock n roll.

Learn a routine

One trend that has really taken off in the last decade or so is a properly taught dance. Programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing have inspired us all to get on the dance floor.

A dance teacher will be happy to guide a couple through their steps and a dance will be put to their chosen song, be it fast or slow, waltz or jive.

The best bit about one of these showpieces should be the fact that it is a secret so guests will be in for a big surprise.

It’ll be quite a showstopper so make sure you’re happy with having lessons and remembering steps. You may feel you have enough to do in the run up to the wedding and a simple “hold me” dance is perfect.

But if you are both up for entertaining your gathered guests then a choreographed first dance is a lot of fun and will be a memorable part of your day.

Don’t lose sight of the meaning of your first dance song. It’s about you both and the words and music will mean everything to you.

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