Bishop’s Stortford Photographer: Wedding photography on a hot day

October 4, 2019

Bishop’s Stortford photographer Gregg Brown has been photographing happy couples on their wedding days for more than 10 years. Gregg works in a relaxed, considerate and unobtrusive manner to capture the feeling of your celebrations. Every couple is guaranteed to receive a collection of beautiful, intimate images documenting their wedding day.

Here Gregg explains…

How to survive a hot and sunny wedding day:

If you have chosen a warmer month for your wedding, then hopefully the sun will be shining down on you and your special guests.

Of course, we all want good weather for a wedding day but what happens if it is really hot and really sunny?

Keeping your cool on a hot and sunny wedding day is an easy thing to do if you plan ahead and have a few tricks up your sleeve.

After all, you don’t want to be feeling faint due to heat or squinting into your photographer’s camera with beads of sweat on your brow.

Luckily, Bishop’s Stortford wedding photographers like Gregg will have taken photos in all weathers. So they will know exactly what to do on your hot and sunny wedding day.

Romantic photographs in the shade of a gorgeous tree or in a secluded, shady garden will work beautifully and will keep you out of the searing heat.

If you are planning a summer wedding, think about your venue too. Churches are incredibly cool buildings in very hot weather as are venues such as barns and older buildings. 

Marquees warm up very quickly in sunshine and with a lot of people in the can get hot in no time. Electricity access is a good idea for quiet fans to be on, especially if the service and reception are going to be in the one place where people will be for a good amount of time.

Hopefully a summer bride will choose a dress suited to the average weather of the month she is getting married in. A nice, light floaty dress and nothing too heavy is a good idea. A groom may well be in a lightweight material outfit too like linen.

Put a fan in your handbag

Bridesmaids and other attendants as well as all your guests should feel cool and comfortable as well. A little page boy in a rigid suit and tie will be fidgety if he gets too hot. Think about a pair of smart shorts and a loose, cotton shirt.

Warming up is easier and quicker than cooling down. If you plan for a hot and sunny day and it is a bit cooler than you thought, men and boys can pop on jackets and a bride and her attendants can have capes, shawls, wraps, boas or bolero jackets to slip round their shoulders for a time.

If it’s a blisteringly hot day then be prepared. Keep a bag close to hand which contains things to help you cool off, especially in between photographs. Battery operated pocket fans are great, as are the old-fashioned fans that ladies used to carry. Why not use them as props in a couple of photos to remind you of the weather?

Home-made face and body spritzers simply made with water and cucumber slices in spray bottles offer quick refreshers. But be careful of any make up running.

Plenty of cold drinks will also help keep people cool. Try and stay in the shade as much as possible.

If there isn’t much shade, a few large golf umbrellas can be very helpful. Use them to create some shade for the wedding party and guests.

And as the sun sets on your perfect day, you’ll feel the warmth of the summer as well as the warmth from your family and friends who have celebrated with you.

Bishop’s Stortford Photographer Gregg Brown offers all couples a free consultation.